About My Doll Clothes Patterns

Since 2014 I have made some big changes to my pattern instructions layout.

It is now Dec 2015 and I have made some more changes. I have tried to simplify the title page a bit and I have changed the numbering to reflect the doll size. So pattern numbers starting with 18 are for the American Girl Doll and pattern numbers starting with 20 are for the Australian Girl Doll.

Since I started using Ibooks Author to write my pattern instructions I have made some slight changes to layout. Generally there are chapters for each view and sections for Getting Started, Bodice, Sleeves, Waistband etc. The layout is landscape to work well on an iPad or tablet but it also works well on a laptop or desktop.
I am now considering stopping the photo tutorials. The files are too big and they are very time consuming. I will start to change over to Pictorial Tutorials that have only line drawings. They are small files and great for printing.

Pattern pieces are vector drawn and labelled.

To help keep your patterns organised I include a full size pattern envelope to cut out and make. Also
a folder divider page to put in a plastic pocket.

I have also simplified my shop images to show a diagram of the garment so you know exactly what you get in the pattern. Sometimes an outfit confuses things a bit.

Make sure you check out all my patterns either on Craftsy or Etsy